Let me run something positive by you. I’m not saying this is fact or truth, but what I´m saying is imagine we are all here for the same reason of simply being.

We have to be here for the world to work. If that is true, why stop your boundaries? Why to stop at average? Why not push our limits? Why not be all that we are worth?

People come up with excuses like “I´m too tired”, “I´m feeling sad” or “I can´t even be bothered”.

But just because you fail doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

This is what our teachers tried to tell us all these years; they know what we are worth and that we can achieve greatness. If someone is better than you, it’s for no other reason than they forced themselves just a little harder.

At school, I have found everything I need to succeed, but I found something extra and that was the support, trust and love of my friends and my teachers. You just know you will never be alone. You come with a problem and they do the impossible just to help you. You know if you had a problem it wouldn’t last more than five minutes because the moment you enter the classroom, they are already making you laugh and feel better.

Every year the teachers tell us that it doesn’t matter how talented you are; talent has a limit but skills don´t. The secret is to work every day with no days off to achieve your dreams, to be a little bit better every day. It is okay to fail because when you do, you get back up.

The only thing I want to say is work hard, live long, master your dreams and know that at ISB, you never lose a friend or a teacher, you gain a family and a home.

Juan Pablo Mosti
High School Student