There are many festivities that we have adopted at school from other countries like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Saint Valentine´s Day. Each one of these celebrations have a purpose. The main one will be to introduce the language that we are teaching as a bilingual school throughout the culture of those countries. Other reason will be to rescue the values of some of these celebrations, for example Thanksgiving.

During this day we give us a time to be reflective on what we have, as material possessions, the challenges we have defeated, our health and how lucky we are by having our family together. These values are very much alike on what we celebrate during Christmas Holidays in Mexico and how meaningful it is for us as Mexicans, so… why not compare and contrast both cultures?

By living in a globalized world we give our students the tools to cope with these globalized needs. Little by little students will be immersed not just in the celebrations of an Anglo-Saxon culture, but they will start wondering what kind of celebrations are done in other countries. And let’s think furthermore, they start questioning about kids around the world, they start being empathetic with others, and at the end this will only means a better, responsible way of education, to have a better world in our near future.

Mariana Ocaranza
English coordinator