Miss Mariana Ocaranza Esteban, Art Expression Class

For this month it was my turn to write something for the electronic magazine; my boss said “something inspirational”….Wow, what a difficult task that is indeed, to grab motivation out of nothing. But then I started thinking about what motivates me, and all of a sudden I was thinking of the numerous things which do, for instance, art, in any form, music, literature, particularly painting. One of my favorite artists is Frida Kahlo, who I believe everyone knows. You know…this Mexican painter, with a very tragic life? This is precisely what inspires me the most. You see, it is very easy to complain about almost everything that happens around us, especially when it is not what we have expected. For this woman and painter, every time she wanted something it was denied. Was that because of destiny? Or possibly human selfishness? So she learned to embrace her reality, to deal with it, one of her most famous phrases was “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” This demonstrates that even without being able to walk, she had this great idea about herself and what she was able to accomplish.

Maybe I’m a foolishly optimistic person, but I do believe we all have wings to fly. We all paint our reality in one way or another, and if it is in our command, desire to do so, why can’t we paint a very beautiful, colorful life? Why do we have to complain? Let´s start solving our problems; let’s start working on our self-esteem; let´s start treating each other with respect and kindness. Here, at Instituto Simón Bolívar, we always try to transmit these feelings to our students, and hopefully we are able to inspire and build a better humanity for the near future.

Believe in yourselves!