Do you tend to check your social media often? Do you have an email account? As a parent or High School student, are you planning to study abroad? Do you think that learning English is important? Do you like to travel? Do you even surf the internet?

If you have answered, yes, at least at two of the questions above, let me tell you that you are involve and living in a globalized society.

Constant development and adaptation are characteristics of the human race, history has been written according to this changes, and education is not an exception. Human progress has been marked by the different revolutions along history, the invention of internet has modified education in all their aspects. The need of speaking, reading, listening and writing in a universal language for communicative purposes is imperative to keep along with the pace of a globalized world. English is spoken all around the world among different cultures.

At Instituto Simón Bolívar we are aware of how globalized education is needed, due to this characteristics, we have decided to work along with a recognized international organization, in order to bring our community an adequate and accurate preparation of the English Language. That is why, we belong to a Cambridge program called CES-Cambridge English School. Being part of this program has helped us to increase the number of students that are certified with a high standard. Now a days, English is not measured by a percentage, but with the levels from the Common European Framework of Reference. International Universities ask for these documents in order to know the level of English that the future candidate holds. Therefore, a close inspection of the materials and maturity process of learning are made from the ISB authorities along with the Cambridge organisation.

The constant teacher development that the program offers, the observations, the culture of evaluation and measurement, has given us the necessary tools to know how to improve our teaching and to boost our activities in order to implement better designed skill reinforcement.

All our sections proudly belong to this program, having a linked methodology and syllabus among our sections, giving our students a coherent scaffolded learning, designed to be enjoyable and applicable.

Mariana Ocaranza.