I have been working at Instituto Simón Bolívar quite a time now, and during my years as a teacher, I have noticed that developing artistic skills to our children is a nourishing activity, in which we both learn, teacher and student.

It is inspiring the way our students enjoy our Art Expression classes. This project started as an excuse to use English language in other context rather than just the English Class. And since the beginning, our students have shown interest in the subject, it happens that they don´t get to notice when they start speaking in English in a very natural way.

Aside from the English oral practice we have in this class, we have participated in the Watercolor Museum Contest for Children, winning several prices each school year. The way in which our students commit with the project and brainstorm ideas of what their masterpieces should look like is a great rewarding feeling.

At Isntituto Simón Bolívar we know that global, holistic education is needed nowadays, where tolerance, empathy, careness are some of the values that we can practice throughout art. Therefore our students are provided with a safe environment where they know that expressing their ideas, emotions and point of view will be taken into consideration, learning to listen to others, respecting the different ideas which they could come across with.

This year the Watercolor Museum exposition will be from February 11th to February 25th, we invite you to go and enjoy our paintings!

By Mariana Ocaranza Esteban
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