Have you ever wondered about what future might bring to you?

We are starting this new school year together, and sometimes I think that routine won’t let us wonder what future might bring to us. We have scheduled all sorts of commitments, responsibilities, but have we ever stopped and reflected about them all? Today I am taking this chance to invite you to think and wonder what this brand new school year has for you, what you want to achieve, which challenge  you will be willing to defeat? Are you going to try new things; like painting, singing, sports? I know your parents might decide many things about your formal education or activities, but are you expressing your ideas, curiosities, likes or dislikes? We, as adults are responsible for your  well-being, but we have to learn to listen to you as well. To take into consideration your ideas, and together keep on building your bright future as a team!Today, I am telling you to stop and think about the decisions you will make, model your future, take control of it!

Miss Mariana Ocaranza

English Coordination