Being inspired is not only the name of this monthly article by the English Department; it is a way of life. Inspiration is all around us and it is found in our loved ones, our closest friends, our favourite books, movies, paintings and songs, or even basic acts of kindness. From the simplest to the most complex aspects of life, we are inspired. However, one of the most important and powerful forms of inspiration is education.

Many things in life can have an emotional impact on us; yet, the long-lasting effects of education are undeniable. The educational phase of a child or an adolescent is pivotal; it is a time when we discover our strengths, weaknesses and personal character. It is the most important time of an individual’s life and the person leading the way is the teacher. Inspirational teachers are never forgotten as we remember them well into adulthood. As I write this article, I am reminded by my primary teacher, Mr. Doner, who always encouraged and praised my written expression. I am also reminded by my high school global issues teacher, Mrs. Jamal, who inspired me to study political science in university. A teacher’s influence is substantial. They are not only responsible for filling a student’s mind with facts and dates, but they are responsible for igniting a fire inside of us – impassioning students to follow and pursue their talents.

At Instituto Simon Bolivar, our teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge, but also observing and promoting the individual talents of every student. Simply completing a class by following a lesson plan is not the art of teaching; it is teaching students to learn by creating curiosity inside of them. When we make and maintain curiosity in a student, we naturally inspire them to continue learning in all facets of life. This is the victory we as teachers strive for, and at this institution, we make it our objective to achieve it.