A fresh start, a new beginning – these are terms that we relate with transitions in life; moving to a new city or home, the birth of a child, getting a new job, making new friends or starting a new grade. As New Year’s Day marks the opportunity to start a new and initiate desired changes within ourselves, as does the beginning of a new school year.

A new school year often triggers a natural instinct to re-focus one’s goals and start studying. This is a common sensation the majority of students around the world feel. However, a major hurdle for students is finding the inspiration needed to maintain their focus throughout the academic year. Unfortunately for many students, they encounter obstacles which limit their progress and challenge their focus.

The English Coordination has some advice for students in order to maintain their focus and inspiration during the 2015-16 academic year:

  1. Make Mistakes
  • Never be discouraged if you do poorly on an exam or are not comfortable with an academic subject. It is only when learners make mistakes that they truly learn.
  1. Realize your Potential
  • Your parents and teachers have repeatedly told you “You can do anything you want”. This is neither an exaggeration nor a lie. Realize your personal greatness and take advantage of it.
  1. Be Authentic
  • Never worry about the performance of other classmates. Too many students think they are in competition with one another. The only competition you have is with yourself. Be authentic and understand who you are.
  1. Work Hard
  • It is important to never underestimate the value of working hard. Many students become complacent during the academic year because they lose motivation. If you maintain your motivation by always working hard, amazing things will happen to you.
  1. Believe in Yourself
  • We are all capable of many great things. To accomplish something, there are two steps that need to be taken: the first is believing that you can do it; the second is doing it. Don’t stop believing in yourselves.

On behalf of the English Coordination, good luck to all the students and don’t lose your inspiration!

Raymond Vardja

English Coordination